:2060 AD: Decades of verbal exchanges with household devices, like millions of hours of speech therapy, has conditioned the populous into the pithy, clipped, deconstructed lexicon below the threshold of abstraction at which silicon logic loses coherence... Now well trained, the population mutually interfaces in anti-poetry, ensuring the surveillance state and interested adversaries alike ease … Continue reading FICINT- 2060AD

OPSEC is Bad (rant)

*Warning: Some of the following may contain hyperbole. My wife was once told in an OPSEC (operational security) briefing for military spouses that every day, she should alter her route to work or taking the kids to school... to thwart adversary attempts to establish a pattern of life on her. That's right. My wife. A … Continue reading OPSEC is Bad (rant)

A Little Tribal Overlap

I have a theory that¬†service-members of my generation and later are less likely to accept the premise that their military identity is an exclusive one. Many of my enlisted and commissioned peers consider themselves to be equally members of other tribes and communities--not just as a matter of personal perspective, but as a fact easily … Continue reading A Little Tribal Overlap

AI, Inefficiency, Innovation

It occurs to me occasionally, as I see military branches and governments around the world leap headlong into a future maximally enabled by artificial intelligence... that we might be witnessing the outset of the absolute eradication of the most powerful force in the history of human progress, creativity, and innovation- Could AI be beckoning the … Continue reading AI, Inefficiency, Innovation