A Retrospective

I don't produce content just for content's sake. I have the luxury of writing only when I have something to say. For that reason, I wasn't planning on doing a themed end-of-year or decade blog post. But seeing all of these splendid retrospectives at the close of 2019 and the preceding decade got me wondering … Continue reading A Retrospective

Agitate: On Being the Unfrozen Middle

Whenever we talk about innovation in the Air Force, we inevitably end up stumbling upon that familiar old trope of "The Frozen Middle", which approximately describes the theory of "middle-status conformity", in which those mid-tier leaders with enough power to enable or impede innovation for the majority are incentivized to remain risk-averse by their long-earned … Continue reading Agitate: On Being the Unfrozen Middle

AI, Inefficiency, Innovation

It occurs to me occasionally, as I see military branches and governments around the world leap headlong into a future maximally enabled by artificial intelligence... that we might be witnessing the outset of the absolute eradication of the most powerful force in the history of human progress, creativity, and innovation- Could AI be beckoning the … Continue reading AI, Inefficiency, Innovation