The Fable of Dr. Fox – Chapter 3

Read chapters 1 & 2 Mr. Dinosaur fell down the front steps of the clinic and hit his head, dying. “What an unfortunate accident, eh?” Dr. Fox said to a passing Mrs. Cat, who pushed her tiny kitten in a stroller, “I should really do something about this dangerous staircase.” *** Mrs. Cat smiled warily … Continue reading The Fable of Dr. Fox – Chapter 3

The Fable of Dr. Fox – Chapters 1 & 2

Chapter 1 - Mrs. Hedgehog There once was an intelligent fox named Fox, who was also a medical professional. He was Dr. Fox. He wanted to help people. He opened a small medical clinic in the center of town, knowing for sure that people in his community would want to be treated by him. He … Continue reading The Fable of Dr. Fox – Chapters 1 & 2


:2060 AD: Decades of verbal exchanges with household devices, like millions of hours of speech therapy, has conditioned the populous into the pithy, clipped, deconstructed lexicon below the threshold of abstraction at which silicon logic loses coherence... Now well trained, the population mutually interfaces in anti-poetry, ensuring the surveillance state and interested adversaries alike ease … Continue reading FICINT- 2060AD